Saturday, September 7, 2013

M-W Contempoary Lit (496-02)

Here is the outlook on your immediate future. Please be sure to read carefully and take notes on the reading assignments. Class discussion is my best way of knowing that you did this and you will feel more emboldened to speak if you are well-prepared.

Week One
M Intro.   
Close reading The Road Not Taken Robert Frost

Week Two
Labor Day
W More Frost Discussion: Design,

Week Three
M (I will be there and will introduce the poems) William Carlos Williams: This is Just to Say, The Red Wheelbarrow.
W Video: Robert Frost (Emily Ruff is in charge of this)
Homework: Be “quiz ready” to discuss all of these on the Wednesday of my return.  Read bio. and the following poems (Asphodel, Landscape with the Fall of Icarus, and  Spring and All) on this site. Also, to the left margin, there is a string of essays discussing the poet and the period. Look to those for some ways to discuss and write about these issues. Imagism plays a part in Williams' treatment of subjects. Come to class ready to discuss what it is and its role in Williams’ work.

Week Four:
M  William Carlos Williams video
 Read also, the following poems:
The Wasteland and Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.  They will likely feel a bit difficult, we'll discuss them in class, of course, but I will want you to read them first.

 W Readings discussed.
Homework:  Your first assignment will involve an imitation piece or series from the works we’ve read. (500 word minimum). The work can be in a variety of forms (essay, poetry, formal, etc.) as long as it meets the word count.   One way to tackle this might be to write a poem by the light of one of these pieces and then to write a short letter or essay piece that describes your process: how you worked from the imitation and how you worked away from or against it.   It will be due a week from today (09/20)
Read Wallace Stevens, bio. and all poems.  He might be very helpful for your imitations so read him early.

Week Five
M DiscussionWallace Stevens.

W  09/26 Discussion and turn in of your Modernist pieces.

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