Friday, April 24, 2009

Interesting Zelda link


We're in Kinney Hall, first floor, room 208 and will likely be here for another hour or so.


Sophia (& Dr. A.)

DR. ADLER INFORMATION--Madness & Lit. Madness & Art Students

We will meet tonight at 8 pm to allow for any delays.

We will meet tonight (Friday) at the visiting artists' residence across Washington, across the street from the Kinney Parking lot. It is a small brick building bordered by parking lots on three sides and a small road on the other. The blue and multi-colored mural is behind it.

If you arrive late, we might move to a classroom in Kinney--first floor, across from Liberal Arts office is likely. 

Tomorrow (Saturday) morning's plans involve a 9: 30 to 11: 00 am bagels and discussion meeting which is optional. If you are planning to attend, sign up tonight so that we don't wait around unless students are coming.

This class is the one psychiatric and medical aspect of the course. Dr. A is a wonderful speaker, very funny, easygoing and a writer in his own right. I expect you to attend tonight as it is a graded-event. I have spoken with the participants of the diversity meeting, but if you are not one of those, I strongly suggest you find a way to stop in, even for a portion of the meeting. 

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Syllabus Revised

H 03/19 Hannah Discussion
HAPPY SPRING BREAK No class 03/24,
T 03/31 Discussion Inflorescence. In-class writing “where remembers you”
H 04/02 Confessionalist Presentation

T 04/07 Completion of Presentations and some other stuff I'll bring in, including index cards for April 11. PLEASE BE SURE TO NOTE THE DAY THAT THOSE CARDS ARE TO COME BACK TO CLASS.

Homework: Prepare two “postcards” from the index cards I will distribute. These will be given away so if you’re terribly attached, keep that one and do another. DO NOT FORGET to bring these to class on Tuesday 04/11. They are part of our assignment that day.

H 04/09 Independent Study This week and next, plan to meet with your groups for the material you planned to teach as a group. I am allowing a block of days on the syllabus but if your group will need a whole class or more for say, a movie, I need to know that. Your group can decide what this and next Thurs. should look like in terms of planning and where to meet.
Additional Homework: There are some Diane Arbus photographs in the gallery (only a few) and there are many online. In anticipation. We will be discussing her work on Tues. and likely be watching a movie about here after that.

T 04/11 Epistolizing. In-Class writing assignment. Where we’re headed next: Work out schedule for your group-taught courses and materials. Sign up for time needed and materials to be presented, as well as homework assigned to be read before your groups teach. Dr. Adler’s visit and preparation towards that visit to be plugged into syllabus.

H 04/16 Independent Study
Homework: Read selections from Wilson’s work, prepare questions or comments for his Tuesday class visit.

M 04/20

Eliot Khalil Wilson reads his poems.
Canzani Auditorium 11:00-12:30

T 04/21 Class with Eliot Wilson.

H 04/23 TBA
Homework: Groups prepare to teach your materials starting Tuesday.

F 04/25 Dr. Adler Weekend. Lecture, movie.
S 04/26 Morning Meeting with the Doctor 9-12 (Sign up if you’re doing it.)

T 04/28 Presentations begin

H 04/30: 1.  Dickens Presentation.  2. Addiction Group.
Gift Day for Something Borrowed, Someone Blue assignment, proposal for your Something Borrowed... presentations

T 05/05  Sybil Group. Holy Mountain.

H 05/07 Something Borrowed Presentation due. 

T 05/12 Jazz Age & Cupcakes.