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Monday, March 24, 2014

Contemporary Lit. Schedule

Mar. 24-26
Formal verse discussion. Elizabeth Bishop's Sestina and her villanelle: One Art, as well as Dylan Thomas's Do Not Go Gentle into the Good Night.  (NOTE: Both links to the villanelles can be found off to the left of the description of the villanelle on the link above.)
W        “ continued.
(For Reference) Formal Poems:   Wilfred Owen. John Ashbery, James Cummins, Elizabeth Bishop, (see above) Marianne Moore, Robert Hayden
You can elect to write either a sonnet, villanelle or sestina for your formal verse assignment. That poem, in addition to a short note detailing your process will be due one week from today. 

Reading Homework:  Read:  Everyday Use by Alice Walker. Cathedral by Raymond Carver. (Walker and Carver to be discussed on Monday)

FRIDAY: Screening of Angels in America (Canzani) AND from 5-8  the Botticelli rebranding event in the Canzani atrium. 

Mar 31-April 2
 Discussion Carver & Walker
Formal Poems  & process notes due at the beginning of class.
HOMEWORK:  Reading

April 7-9
M  Discussion
Discussion  Formal poems due today.

April 14-16

NY School Readings. 
H 10/25  Discussion
Homework: Charles Bukowski readings

At your leisure:

Apr 21-23 


Apr 28-30


May 7-9

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Adv. CW Writing Prompts

In Russia, a former schoolteacher was accused of stabbing a friend during a discussion of whether poetry or prose was the most important literary form.

Man arrested allegedly trying to sell jars of stolen brains at Dairy Queen.

Border collie was re-homed after chewing through the wheel arch of her owner's Asten Marten.

Two performance artist are living on hamster wheel for ten days.

A man arrested in Philadelphia for exposing his genitalia while fondling Swiss cheese.

Australian performance artist knits from wool inserted in her vagina.

ADV. CW Here is your reading

From the Pushcart Prize anthology (for my creative writing class,) please read the following for next week's discussions.

The Piece Need Not be Built by Andrew Zolot  (Thom G.)  p. 302
Self-Port. with Exit Words by Ocean Vuong (Jared S.) p. 257
Ways to Begin  by Rachel Rose (Cooper S.) p. 41