Monday, March 24, 2014

Contemporary Lit. Schedule

Mar. 24-26
Formal verse discussion. Elizabeth Bishop's Sestina and her villanelle: One Art, as well as Dylan Thomas's Do Not Go Gentle into the Good Night.  (NOTE: Both links to the villanelles can be found off to the left of the description of the villanelle on the link above.)
W        “ continued.
(For Reference) Formal Poems:   Wilfred Owen. John Ashbery, James Cummins, Elizabeth Bishop, (see above) Marianne Moore, Robert Hayden
You can elect to write either a sonnet, villanelle or sestina for your formal verse assignment. That poem, in addition to a short note detailing your process will be due one week from today. 

Reading Homework:  Read:  Everyday Use by Alice Walker. Cathedral by Raymond Carver. (Walker and Carver to be discussed on Monday)

FRIDAY: Screening of Angels in America (Canzani) AND from 5-8  the Botticelli rebranding event in the Canzani atrium. 

Mar 31-April 2
 Discussion Carver & Walker
Formal Poems  & process notes due at the beginning of class.
HOMEWORK:  Reading

April 7-9
M  Discussion
Discussion  Formal poems due today.

April 14-16

NY School Readings. 
H 10/25  Discussion
Homework: Charles Bukowski readings

At your leisure:

Apr 21-23 


Apr 28-30


May 7-9

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