Sunday, December 8, 2013


For tomorrow, I will be available to you online if you need me during the hours our our class. The few that had expressed interest in meeting up there and I decided that this would be a satisfactory option.

Note: We will not be meeting tomorrow but you can reach me via email. Use the time to finish your portfolios, go to The Writing Center, etc.

See you Wednesday.


I will not be holding class, as such. As your final portfolios will be due on Wednesday, I want to give you time to work on them on your own.  Email me with any concerns.

Good luck with finishing everything and see you soon!  I have thoroughly enjoyed your class.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I have had a car/husband health emergency.

I have a specific assignment to post here that you can do if time permits after any workshopping, etc.

Please save me a stack of any distributed pieces (and put in my office on my desk, if you'd be so kind). If anyone is not clear on the amusement park ride assignment and in what form to turn it in to best facilitate our class chapbook, please check with Emily.

Come up with a title (Max had a good one) and a press name.

I will post a writing assignment here before class. Thank you so much for understanding. I'll explain more in a bit--have to get the car back to the husband for the doctor's visit. 

Writing Assignment:

1. Go to the library.
2. Find three books.
3. Go to page 37 in each and count the third sentence in. Use it as a trigger.
(That's three sentences.)
4. Now go to three random pages and find five words per page to use in a piece of writing. (Three pages per each text=9 pages of 15 words each).
5. Using as many of the above as possible, write a new story, poem or scene.

Bring to the next class along with your amusement park ride piece.

Monday, December 2, 2013

496-02 Presentation Reading List

Read for Wednesday
1. Billy Collins Litany (
For Monday:
2. The Lesson p. 3061-3072 Toni Cade Bambarra
3. Not Somewhere Else But Here Adrienne Rich p. 2326
4. A Thanksgiving Celebration Nicholas Mohr 3006
5. Woman Hanging from the 13th Floor Window Joy Harjo p. 3393

Digication Video for LA-190

Research Paper: 
Remember, we'll be gathering hard copies of your research paper on Wednesday (12/04) and uploading to your digication portfolio,

Watch this video before class to learn how. If you think you can do it on your own and have it uploaded before class, then you get to come in, drop off your paper and be on your way to work on your final portfolio which will be due a week from Wednesday (12/11).

Final Portfolio:

First drafts and final copies of your first two papers. Remember that the first draft is the one where I wrote on it and graded it. You don't need to include Building Blocks or anything besides those items. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

496 Contemporary Literature BOTH M-W and T-H

1.  Below you will find our game plan for the next few classes. Please note that those of you yet to present your ekphrastic pieces will be allowed to do so, but will have lost one letter grade due to the late presentation. Being absent on a day when what is due is to be presented is hard to make up without disrupting the class. If we spoke and it was cleared before you left, then I will take that into consideration. Otherwise, plan to present and avoid further damage to the grade in any further delay.

The revised syllabus

Week 12/02-12/05  

M or T (depending on your class)
Presentation of the remainder of your ekphrastic pieces. 
Following that, you will break into groups and select your pieces for presentation from your anthology. The class will be given the names and page numbers of the pieces to be presented and everyone will read in advance and be ready to participate in your group's discussion. You will have the class period to prepare with your group. 
This will begin with the selection of one work or author we've  not yet discussed to be "taught" by your group.  Individual process sheets describing the division of labor will be gathered FROM EACH group member.

W & H Presentations begin. 

Week 12/9-12/12
M & T Group Presentations continued