Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I have had a car/husband health emergency.

I have a specific assignment to post here that you can do if time permits after any workshopping, etc.

Please save me a stack of any distributed pieces (and put in my office on my desk, if you'd be so kind). If anyone is not clear on the amusement park ride assignment and in what form to turn it in to best facilitate our class chapbook, please check with Emily.

Come up with a title (Max had a good one) and a press name.

I will post a writing assignment here before class. Thank you so much for understanding. I'll explain more in a bit--have to get the car back to the husband for the doctor's visit. 

Writing Assignment:

1. Go to the library.
2. Find three books.
3. Go to page 37 in each and count the third sentence in. Use it as a trigger.
(That's three sentences.)
4. Now go to three random pages and find five words per page to use in a piece of writing. (Three pages per each text=9 pages of 15 words each).
5. Using as many of the above as possible, write a new story, poem or scene.

Bring to the next class along with your amusement park ride piece.

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