Sunday, September 8, 2013


Week 2 (Sept. 2-4)
Class analysis of texts; Introduce Essay 1
The notion of person in the personal narrative.
Look to Wednesday's homework and prepare for a week from Wednesday.

Week 3 (Sept. 9-11)
M Discussion of beginnings and what makes a good beginning. (please note: I will be checking to see who brought their beginnings in and that will be a building block grade.  This will be the case as well, with your substitute on Wednesday and Monday.   We will also be establishing our groups for group work.
Homework: Bring in three types of endings  and be prepared to discuss their quality, the "moves" that they make,  strengths and weaknesses. Refer to the seven moves reading for some of the ideas you'll consider.

W  Endings. Groups present and discuss their endings amongst themselves and why these were selected (your group's assessment of why this ending was so effective. )
Homework:  Select your topic and write the first paragraph or two of your personal essay (250 words min.)   Plan to bring it in, typed and ready for discussion. Remember, you have this assignment to do, as well as your group's
Your essay's first 250 words are due on Monday.  Please note: the entire essay (1000 word min.)  will be due on Wednesday 09/18 upon my return, so you should have a good first draft mostly written by Monday.

Week 4 (Sept.16-18)
M   Groups discuss the first 250 words of essays. (Pass the essays around your group and write comments for the author to assist him/her in editing the essay and having the first draft ready for Wednesday.) From here on: please make sure to consider the seven moves  from your early reading in analyzing any of our reading assignments. 
W  Discussion of essays: varieties of essays and your next assignment. Remember that ESSAY ONE is due on Monday.
The terms: ethos, pathos, logos. etc. Read this and watch.

Week 5 (Sept. 23-25)
M: Essays are due. Typed. Proofread. Edited. Beginning of class. No exceptions. We have to move quickly to get on track with Essay Two, so be on time, prepared and ready to proceed.  
Homework: Selected reading: This reading, this  and this, plus other readings TBA. 

W: Discussion of Essay Two ideas. In-class writing.

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