Thursday, September 19, 2013

496-01 T-H Contemporary Lit.

Week Four:

T 09/17
The following poems:
The Wasteland and Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.  They will likely feel a bit difficult, we'll discuss them in class, of course, but I will want you to read them first.

H 09/19 Readings discussed.
Homework:  Your first assignment will involve an imitation piece  or series (500 word minimum) of the Modernists. The work can be in a variety of forms (essay, poetry, formal, etc.) as long as it meets the word count.   One way to tackle this might be to write a poem by the light of one of these pieces and then to write a short letter or essay piece that describes your process: how you worked from the imitation and how you worked away from or against it.   It will be due a week from today (09/20)
Read Wallace Stevens, bio. and all poems.  He might be very helpful for your imitations so read him early.

Week Five
T 09/24 Wallace Stevens.
H 09/26 Discussion and turn in of your Modernist pieces.
Homework: Readings: Homework: Readings: Frost, Hughes, Bishop, Moore.
 Look over these forms:  sestina, sonnet, and villanelle, and begin to decide which you will imitate (and discuss in a 300 word minimum formal letter to your readers).  We will look over some examples for both components of this assignment: due 10/


Week Six
T 09/31  Formal verse discussion
H 10/02        “ continued.
Homework: Formal Poetry:  Robert Frost, Langston Hughes, Elizabeth Bishop, Marianne Moore, Robert Hayden
Read:  Everyday Use by Alice Walker. Cathedral by Raymond Carver. (Walker to be discussed Thurs. and Carver Tues.

Week Seven
T 10/06  Discussion Carver
H10/08  Discussion Walker

Week Eight
T 10/08  Discussion
Homework:  Read William Harrison’s Present Tense Africa from your Touchstone Anthology p.220
H10/11  Discussion Harrison. Formal poems due today.

Week  Nine
T 10/15 Discussion of Thrall
WEDNESDAY: 6:30 Canzani Auditorium. Natasha Trethewey visit. MANDATORY.     
H 10/18   

Week Ten
T 10/23  NY School Readings. 
H 10/25  Discussion
Homework: Charles Bukowski readings

At your leisure:

Week Eleven
T NY School discussion, Bukowski.
Homework:  Eula Bliss The Pain Scale (p. 2, Touchstone)
H Discussion: The Lyric Essay through Bliss’ essay.
Homework:  Selected readings: Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath, Robert Lowell.

Week Twelve
T  The Confessionalists
H Discussion continued
Homework:  Reading: Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin, Michael Cunningham’s White Angel,
Poetry Comics article,
**Your ekphrastic pieces and process papers (500 words minimum) are due on Tuesday 11/20. 
The short version of this assignment is that you will be responding or imitating a piece of literature through visual art. Examples abound: W.H. Auden’s Musee de Beaux Art or WCW’s Icarus (myth-painting-poem).  Or Charles Simic’s poems that respond to Joseph Cornell’s boxes (for the reverse).  Consider the poetry poem:

Week Thirteen
T 11/19  TBA.
H 11/ 21 TBA

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