Friday, August 30, 2013

Creative Writing

Hey Gang, Just making sure that you know that for Am Noveling blog homework, you will be doing a total of 1,500 words for your first report on Thursday.

One of the assignments (as we dealt with in class yesterday is already posted: Week Two: Character and is of course, about character development. Remember that I added the additional option to empty out your character's wallet, purse or pocket. What do they carry with them? Why? You can write anywhere from 500+ words on this assignment and then the remainder for the next.

The second assignment will be posted on the amnoveling blog next week (week three) and since it isn't posted, I don't yet know what it will be.

Please give me feedback as we end next week as to how these are working for you and if you think the extra blog is giving you some interesting approaches.

See you all soon.

Also, a little weekend gift. (This is one of my favorite writers of all time.)

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