Friday, August 30, 2013

Three Kinds of Essays (LA 190)

Remember that in addition to your reading homework (seven moves, Cyrus, etc.)

you are to bring in three types of writing (Personal essay, journalism, review, parody, etc. any of these as long as your three are different varieties: 1. An opening to a memoir 2. a news article 3. a movie review, would be examples) You need only to bring in the opening paragraph or two and take notes and be ready to share and discuss why it was especially good or bad.

Here are some places to look at creative non fiction essays:
How to Leave a Room

Some work by Kathrine Wright:  1  2

The Miley pieces have given you some other writing varieties to look at it and here is a link to my favorite movie reviewer's work.
And two more to add to your Miley collection:  6     7

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