Thursday, October 1, 2009

Prompt & Submission Opportunity Fiction Workshop

Call for Submissions
Doorknobs & BodyPaint (flash fiction)
publication online
October 18, 2009 deadline
Theme: All saints

Send submissions to any of the addresses listed below:

So many saints; too few days. So, each year we set aside a day to honor All Saints. Those little know. Those without days of honor. Small children press wilted marigolds at their feet; mothers-to-be press new candles on their altars; old men and women press lips to the hem of their gowns. We honor them with these acts of praise and gifts hoping that when we need them they will intervene. Some of them are so little known that only we know what they have endured and why they will support us and our dreams. Write a story within the limits of our contest guidelines (hoops):


In Edith Wharton's ghost story, "Pomegranate Seed," newlywed Charlotte Ashby is concerned by the arrival of a gray envelope addressed to her husband Kenneth when they return home from their honeymoon. Shortly after, another envelope arrives. Then, another and another. Charlotte is convinced that another woman is trying to ruin their marriage. When Charlotte asks him to go away with her on a holiday, he wearily answers.

“Don't ask me. I can't leave -- I can't!"
"You mean that you can't go away out of reach of those letters!"
... She continued to kneel at his side, and raising her hands, she drew his gently down. She was ashamed of her persistence, ashamed of uncovering that baffled disordered face, yet resolved that no such scruples should arrest her. His eyes were lowered, the muscles of his face quivered; she was making him suffer even more than she suffered herself. Yet this no longer restrained her.
"Kenneth, is it that? She won't let us go away together?"
Still he did not speak or turn his eyes to her; and a sense of defeat swept over her. After all, she thought, the struggle was a losing one. "You needn't answer. I see I'm right," she said.

In fact, Kenneth suddenly agrees to go away with his wife. When she and her mother-in-law arrive home, he can't be found and a letter is waiting for him. The elder Mrs. Ashby recognizes the writing. In 450 words or less, write a story where a seemingly supernatural forceplays havoc with the emotions of the characters.

1. Maximum length: 250 words.
2. The sub-theme is: condemnation.
3. The year is: 1938.
4. Within the story, you must use this text: to dance.

HAYWARD FAULT LINE (shake us up)
1. Maximum length: 450 words.
2. The sub-theme is: praise.
3. The setting is: Barcelona, Spain.
4. Within the story, you must use this bit of text: move along.

TAPAS (tiny morsels)
1. Maximum length: 250 words.
2. The sub-theme is: secrete.
3. Within the story, you must use this bit of text: imbued with.
4. Like seasoning, it is language that makes your story unique. Surprise us.

The Cairo Room contains all non-contest and writer's pool selections under 450 words. From the exotic to the post-modern to hypertext to first time writers, this room welcomes and nurtures the writer.

General Guidelines:
1. General submission guidelines apply to all stories.
2. When you send your submission by email, please include your name, postal address, and email address at the beginning of each story; paste your story into the body of your email and send it in plain text form.
3. If you send more than one story (three total), send each story as a separate email.
4. This is important. Put the category (FF, HF, DO, TA, CR,), the issue #, and your name on the subject line. (example: FF, 21, Mary Jane Argure) We use a filter for all email; therefore, if you do not put this information in the subject line, your email will automatically go into trash.
5. Do not send your story in HTML format or as an attachment. If you send your story in HTML format or as an attachment, it will discarded.

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