Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fiction Workshop Assignments

1. A type of seed
2. A song title or artist from more than five years ago. (The longer-ago, the better.)
3. A kind of metal

Extra assignment:

1. Take two characters who share a memory and place them in a setting that involves a third character who must be told or blocked from the information. Make the way that this plays out employ much showing, no obvious expository moves and a delicate threading in of the information.

2. Two characters are being acquainted for the first time. One is more uneasy about this than the other and has something that needs to be said during this meeting. WITHOUT using internal dialogue or thinking on the part of either character, find a way to get this information across while employing something from the setting in which they are meeting. Make the setting slightly odd or memorable.

3. Have a character let the story know some information. (In W-F class, this was the example we discussed with the character who had had the flu many times.)

Example: "Polly and I were walking through the cemetary off of the highway, it's what we did on the long afternoons between her father's away-time and his few days home again.
"Look at this one," she said, "we could put a bucket of September flowers right here, some pillows there inside, we could bring our favorite books and read stories every day."
I was starting to feel feverish, the early signs of what would be the sixth bout of flu since March. Polly was skipping up to the mausoleums, wishing one could be our clubhouse. I stopped at Zebediah August born April 1, 1901, died July 14, 1918 and wondering how such a boy became, his long limbs bony from the sickness, his skin a healthy sun-baked color that glowed-out a thinner pallor, something earthworm-belly and ailing. I wasn't feeling so hot and Polly was humming that Russian folk song again and I knew that she was missing her mother..."

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