Thursday, October 1, 2009

Contemporary Lit

H 10/01 Modernism continues. Discussion Love Song and opening of Sunday Morning, Wallace Stevens.

T 10/06 Use at least the hour and a half of class time to research art and artists (you can include musicians) and as a group, present a facet, figure or figures of the Modernist period. If they tie into any literary figures or texts, that works fine but is not a necessity.

H 10/08 Art & Modernism presentations

T 10/13 More Stevens, Modernism, discussion.
Response to one of the pieces we have not discussed in class. For this assignment, I would like for you to respond with a poem, short story, dramatic monologue, scene, letter or essay form to one of the pieces we have read for class or (with my approval) a piece from the time period that was not assigned. Your responses should be a minimum of five-hundred words. If you choose to respond in poetry (say formal verse) you will need to write the poem and then a two hundred word “process” piece that explains how the work influenced yours, what artistic decisions and deviations you made, formal strategies or the decision to work against form are all things that you might address. These assignments will be letter-graded and are expected to be typed, proofread and edited before they come to me.

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