Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fiction Workshops


Tuesday 10/06
Wednesday 10/07

We will not be workshopping on those days but will pick up on the next groups on Thursday and Friday. Any groups that have work due on those days will be expected to distribute the stories on Thursday and Friday instead

The assignments for 10/06 & 10/07 will be to come to class, have someone (designated student) distribute a roll sheet (date at top) and drop it in my mailbox in the liberal arts office after class.
After you meet, you are each to hand one other student a sheet of paper with the following things on it:

1. A way of moving
2. A name of a planet
3. three kinds of food
4. A character's name
5. one sentence to be used in their piece

Using those devices, I want you to go to a gallery or museum (you have all of class time to do this) and choose a piece to engage or incorporate into the writing you will do. I would like all of the pieces typed up and brought in to be read in class. This assignment is not only required but counts as your attendance for that day. The scene you write can, as always, be brand new or be a part of an existing story on which you are working. It must be a minimum of 300 words.

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