Sunday, October 6, 2013

LA 190

Here's an example of how I might refine or hone my topic and find text for the analysis:

Let's say I have decided to talk about a very complicated, ornate but intriguing piece of art. I select this piece because I have been thinking a lot about beauty and excess lately and the notion of "less is more" after reading an interview with Stanley Elkin who argued that less is less and more is more.  I recall that Pallavi Sen, a CCAD graduate, often argued for beauty, the intricate and ornate in classrooms where she felt the trend was toward the cleaner, simpler design.

NOW since I have selected my artwork, I need to get text on this piece. Either I address an article that analyzes or reviews the piece OR I find use the ideas in the interview and use those with the artwork to create a thesis.

Ex:  The current aesthetic trends toward the serif-less font, flat-design underlines the old adage of less is  more.  Arthur Artman's work interrogates that in a number of ways....


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