Tuesday, October 1, 2013

496-02 Monday Wednesday

Wednesday 10/02:  Intro to Formal Verse.
Homework: Readings: Homework: Readings: Design by Robert Frost, (Yes, we've read it before, but it bears review for the sonnet form.)  Elizabeth Bishop's Sestina and her villanelle: One Art, Dylan Thomas Do Not Go Gentle...
 Look over these forms:  sestina, sonnet, and villanelle, and begin to decide which you will imitate (and discuss in a 300 word minimum formal letter to your readers).  We will look over some examples for both components of this assignment: due 10/14

Week Six
M 10/07 Continued Formal discussion
W 10/09
Homework: In addition to completing your formal poems to be turned in on Monday
Read:  Everyday Use by Alice Walker. Cathedral by Raymond Carver. (Carver to be discussed Monday and Walker on Wed.)

Week Seven
M 10/14  Discussion Carver. Formal Poems due

W 10/16 Discussion Walker

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