Monday, October 21, 2013

LA 190 Syllabus Update

Week Nine  10/21-10/23

M  Discussion towards research essay


Week Ten 10/28-10/30

M Jay Z Picasso Baby

Homework: Read  Jerry Saltz  Ben Davis The Jealous Curator
Choose five of the names referenced in the Saltz article and find one article on them to cite as if doing an MLA citation for your research paper.

Example: Marina Abramovic
1.  "I am not a Vampire." The Guardian. Jonathan Jones Blog. July 2013.

For the final piece of this assignment, write a one-line artist or thesis statement for what you think that Jay Z was attempting in his video. (As if you are Jay Z.) This should be YOUR idea of what HIS idea might be. (Do not look for his words on the matter, use your own.)

W Citations and "thesis" due.
Building Block One Due

Week Eleven  11/-04-11/06

M Conferences (Hills) Come on time for your designated conference.
W Conferences (Hills)

BUILDING BLOCK ONE:BB#1: Debatable Question Worksheet

Think about your topic for a while and then start to draft a question that asks something debatable about that topic. Revise your debatable question so that it can be as specific as possible. When you have settled on a topic and feel confident about your question, type this information at the top of a document using the following template.

Art and Design Area of Interest:
Debatable Question:

Here are a few examples:

Art and Design Area of Interest: Fashion
Topic:  Body Image
Debatable Question: What can designers do to help reverse the trend of the “skinny” model?

Art and Design Area of Interest: Fine Arts
Topic: Foundations/Skills
Debatable Question: Are there a set of foundational skills that all fine artists require, and if so, what are they?  

Once you have filled out the above template, write 150 words about why you have chosen this topic.

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