Monday, February 27, 2012

Visiting Artist, Charlene Fix: TODAY

11:00 a.m. Canzani Auditorium

Be there.

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  1. Professor Charlene Fix shared highlights from "Harpo Marx as Trickser" with us today. Harpo Marx was very active during WWI and WWII as an American comedian who also was well known by his legacy, the best "ambassadors for the harp", as a musician even he did not read music at all.

    We had watched lots of his mime film clips today and saw how talented he was on playing harp. The Marx brothers (total of four) creatively performed trickster tales that did not require much of actor's (or actress') lines but an outstanding sense of humor which vibrating sarcasm throughout their acting.

    Obviously, Harpo was greatly inspired by traditional pantomime; even with his style being an actor, who never say a word in his films, however, Harpo was just unbelievably intelligent enough to express himself seamlessly smooth while performing on the stage with his artistic clownish trickster traits.

    To vividly depict the existence of the chaotic world, Harpo combined and transformed his amazing harp music, the richness of his body language, and the limitlessness of his facial expressions into a fascinating modern visual arts to stimulate the responses from all audience.

    Phenomenal and bravo!!!