Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Advanced Creative Writing

KH 207
Mondays 12:30-3:20

01/23 Week One:
Students’ Project Goals.

01/30 Week Two:
Discuss collaboration.
Beckman & Rohrer on Poetry.org
Interview at PBQ (Beckman & Roher)
Amongst other things, a manifesto for collaboration (Seaton & Duhamel)

It’s not for everyone: collaboration. But in a class where most of you are more than mildly interested in writing, you are likely to meet the kind of people who have the right kinds of brains for you. Collaboration is one way to play while you work and to make of the play an exercise for new ways of exploring how it is that you write or might like to stretch your ways of writing.
In-Class Assignment: Collaborations
1. Read and comment upon Alejandro’s story. (This will be emailed to you shortly.)
2. Read all of the introduction, plus the first three chapters of Writing Shapely Fiction. (Façade, Juggling, Iceberg.) The chapters are very short so it’s not as much as it seems.
3. Type up your collaborations (from in-class assignment) and bring two copies for the next class.
Read Last Lap through Bear at the Door in Making Shapely Fiction.
Read and carefully critique Alejandro's story for next week's workshop.
Week Three
Workshop of Alejandro's story. Distribution of stories by Quinniqua and Seth.
Discussion of pages 15-47 in Making Shapely Fiction.

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