Monday, February 27, 2012

Adv. Creative Writing In-Class Writing Assignment

Go to your most troublesome or mysterious character, or to a character you are hoping to create. Empty his/her pockets, wallet, purse, look at his/her keychain. Consider all personal affects. Where did they come from? What do they symbolize? What does your character drive or ride? Does s/he have something hanging from the mirror of their dash? What and why? At least one of these items should be an item that is classified, ( name of a bone, a kind of mineral, the specific name of a cloud, etc.)

The assignment is two parts:
1. Go through the above paragraph and list these things and any notes or small "stories" that connect to them.

2. In at least two pages, write a scene where one or more of these things figure in. You needn't use many of them, but you should know they exist, and what they mean. Also,when you write the scene, don't awkwardly use the objects just to get them in the scene. Write a flowing scene where the object/s appear, even casually without getting hung up on getting all or many of them in. They might come in later and they will inform your sense of the character just by your having figured them out and knowing the character that much better.

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