Wednesday, September 5, 2012

GREECE: The Skinny

Dear Interested Students,
Rather than send you a long email, I thought to re-post last year's information and numbers. Of course, it's been a year and the economy, gas prices, etc. will vary a bit, but this does make a good, rough description.

Brace yourselves, I'll start with the figures:

The total is $6910.00

This breaks down this way:

3100. University of Missouri requires a fee for their program (they are the ones that pay for their faculty--a star line-up of
Pulitzer prize winners and others, international insurance,
your housing, a couple of meals plus there is a small meal
plan that will cover many more, )
1650* CCAD Tuition (because we can bill this for the fall, there is the possibility of some financial assistance. Note that this varies from student to student. Check with Michelle Kibler for your particular situation.)
880 CCAD program fee
2870 (estimated general expenses inclusive of airfare, other travel from Athens to Serifos, meals, daily expenses and so on.)

The initial summer expense to CCAD will be the 3980.00 program fee for both CCAD and UM and that will be due this
spring. (Mar. 15 deadline)
* (Someone at One Stop) will be registering students for the course so that credits can be fit in where a student most needs

I will set our class times around the schedule for Missouri. We may only meet once or twice a week to check in on the projects and assignments that I set up before we leave. The faculty for Missouri and the opportunity to learn Greek while there are amazing opportunities that you won't want to miss. (I can't say enough about how stellar their line-up of faculty is.) Also, we will always work around any opportunities to visit art, architecture and mingle with other artists.

I will award credit for the course upon return so that you can avail yourselves of the fall tuition billing (in some cases, financial aid).

Studies in Greece.
The link should give you a sense of what the program looks like.

Here is the "press release" that will go out in the bulletin next week:
Study abroad in Greece for 4 weeks in June. There still are a few seats available, so if you are interested in enjoying fabulous Greek food, sunbathing in the clear water on the beach of the beautiful islands and studying and making art for a very reasonable price, this is your chance.
We will be traveling through Athens, visiting various art and architectural sites there and then staying on the island of Serifos for several weeks where there will be opportunities to meet with various artists and writers, study church and monastery art and icons, as well as the art and architecture of the Greek islands. As our program will be traveling with University of Missouri’s, there will be opportunities to meet and mingle with a variety of students, graduate and undergraduate, a number of professors and the esteemed faculty of this year’s study abroad faculty.

In addition to the course on ekphrasis offered by CCAD prof. Sophia Kartsonis, the travel package includes classes in Greek language, and additional liberal arts offering with a choice of instructors from University of Missouri’s longstanding and amazing study abroad in Greece program,
(UMizz Faculty yet to be announced)

This program is different from our regular summer courses and you will be able to apply your financial aid to it. The final application deadline is March 15th.

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