Monday, September 10, 2012

Writing Fiction Syllabus Start

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Course Information:
Faculty Information:

Catalog ID:    Section:    Term:  Fall 2012
Course Name:
Writing Fiction
Course Prerequisite(s):

Meeting Day(s):    Meeting Time(s):
Tues. & Thurs. 12:30-1:50
Class Location:
Kinney Hall 215

Faculty Name:
Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis

Office Hours:
Tuesday,Thursday: 11:00-12:30
Office Location:
Kinney 201

T  08/28  Intro.   
H 08/30  In-class writing. 

T 09/04  Assigning groups for upcoming workshop. In-class writing and discussion. 
H 09/06  Group One distributes stories.  Bring 19 copies (18 of you + 1 teacher).  3-5 pages in length is ideal for this first round, but the stories can be longer.   

T  09/11 Workshop of Group One.   Group Two distributes stories. 
H  09/13 Group Two Workshop. Group Three distributes. 

T 09/18  Group Three Workshop. Group Four distributes. 
H 09/20  Group Four Workshop

T 09/25   Readings & Writings TBA
H 09/27    “   “   “  “

T 10/02  Readings & Discussion TBA  Group One distributes stories.
H10/04  Group One workshops.  Group Two distributes.

T 10/09  Group Two workshops. Group Three distributes.
H10/11  Group Three workshops.  Group Four distributes.

T 10/16  Group Four workshops. 
H 10/18  Readings & writings TBA

T 10/23  Group One distributes. 
H 10/25  Group One workshop. Group Two distributes.

T 10/30  Group Two workshop. Group Three distributes.
H 11/01 Group Three workshops. Group Four distributes.

T 11/06   Group Four workshops.
H 11/08  Writing assignment

T  11/13  TBA
H 11/15   TBA

T 11/20  Group One distributes.

T  11/27  Group One workshops. Group Two distributes.
H  11/29  Group Two workshops. Group Three distributes.

T 12/03  Group Three workshops. Group Four distributes.
H 12/05  Group Four workshops.

T12/10  TBA
H 12/12 Last day of Fall Semester.

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