Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Object Poem

1. Sit before the object and take down a minimum of twenty-five concrete descriptive images. (You can be strange in these, but not vague or abstract.)
2. Taking that list home, begin a poem that employs one of the following phrases:
When dealing with____________, remember the ________..
Never so many__________ in this ___________. We were accidentally______________
Ask yourself, haven't you had/seen/been/loved/left/cast/anyotherverb enough ___________
After________ (we/you/she/he/it/they/Matilda) was/were different/changed.
3. Do research on something (that object, what it represents or something utterly related.) Include that set of research or facts in some aspect of your poem.
4. Make up a historical fact in which the subject of your poem is featured (consider all of the "factual info." of Matt Guenette's poem.
5. Have this object interact with some other in a story or song line that you invent. (Rap counts, country music or nursery rhyme, too.)
6. Write one adage or proverb that includes the subject of your poem.

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