Thursday, October 27, 2011

Writing Poetry Update

10/27 Thursday
Complete workshop.
Homework: For Tuesday, have two imitation poems ready.
1. a poet from your previous reading (O'Hara, Bishop.etc.)
2. Jackie Osherow

You will hand them both out for comments and choose the one you want us most to focus on for class discussion. (You don't need to note that on the poems, just tell us when it's your turn which you'd like to look at.) Also, for those of you still interested in addressing the "Muskingum County Massacre" any one of these poems can be paired with that option. BONUS: Emma Bolden at The Yawp Project
said she would be interested in having us send these to her project. Her site was invented to give people the inspiration to get poems that they really love out into the world. But, for Whitman, it is that crucial shout, that which must be said, spoken written. For me, it's these blameless creatures who feel rather crucial right now. AND you could send the same poem for consideration to Botticelli as neither Emma's site nor Botticelli are funny about previously-published work. (Think of the resume!)

11/01 Tuesday Distribution of new work and discussion of formal verse. We'll start workshops of imitations on Tuesday and limit each to seven minutes so you'll need to have your comments ready and be efficient. Formal poems will be due for distribution a week from Thursday. (11/10).

Formal Poetry Reading: Formal poetry readings: The Sestina.
Elizabeth Bishop One Art and Sestina (yes, I know you've read her but focus in on these two in particular for the formal poetry assignment.) Matthew Guenette's Sestina Aguillera
Dylan Thomas Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.

The Sonnet & Terza Rima are also options.
There are examples on the left of the page.
This POETIC GLOSSARY should prove useful.

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