Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekly Update All Classes

POETRY: Jackie Osherow's visit is next week. Her book is due, read all the way through by Thursday. For now, we'll be hitting some links. (We are going to delay any workshops for the week, to be ready for her visit. Do have your imitations and formal poems in mind--her poems actually work off of form quite often, so we'll just plug her into our studies of formal verse and you'll be even more ready.)

This week's plan:

Tuesday 10/18 Start unit on Osherow. I will lead an introduction to her work in class. Be ready to talk about her whole book and the es Read the following:
Poetry Society of America essay

God's Acrostic, (from Dead Man's Praise, I think.)

From Hoopoe's Crown

And from Whitethorn, your REQUIRED text.
Poem for Jenny

Thursday 10/20 Whitethorn discussion. Come to class with comments ready.


Tuesday 10/18: Complete Moby Dick (movie, of course)
Group One to have stories ready to distribute.

Thursday 10/20: Group One Stories, possible writing assignment.

Tuesday 10/18 Imagist poems due. Typed, ready to turn in. (Look to William Carlos Williams links and a Brief Guide to Imagism on the Academy of Am. Poets' page. More on Williams. Video on Robert Frost.

NOTE: In light of our visiting artist Monday, October 24, 11:00 a.m. Canzani Auditorium. We'll follow the links for her work under Writing Poetry above. And we will discuss in class for students who have the book.

10/20 Thursday We will study Jacqueline Osherow's work this week.
Tuesday 10/25 In class visit by Jackie Osherow. Have questions ready for her about her work or contemporary poetry or her beloved Ms. Emily Dickinson. You can ask her about blank verhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifse and the more colloquial voice in her work and in Frost's. You can ask about her primary influences and what she learned from them specifically. Also, her vast connection to specific works of art.
Homework: Read Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird by Wallace Stevens (a little look back, I know). Discuss how his view of the blackbird is different from an Imagist's take or how you find it similar. Discuss then, how Frost might have written the same poem. Homework: Read Robert Frost, Bio, and all of the poems. And ee cummings selections.

Thursday 10/27 Discusson on Imagism continued, also Frost, Stevens ee.cummings. Homework: Hart Crane bio and poems.


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