Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ways to be involved: Note that you can choose one of these roles and still work on individual events. All staff members are encouraged to submit work to the journal, too. We’ll see to it that your acceptance or rejection is fairly determined.
Note to those NOT in attendance: There are positions available throughout and I am open to any ideas you'd like to add that will help Botticelli be more visible on campus. The next document will show some of the ideas we've already come up with and beginning to implement.
Assistant Editor: Silver Corbin: Helps oversee contact with staff, any extra duties involving editing, etc. Helps (thank you Silver!) coordinate times for staff members to meet either online or live.
Poetry and Fiction Editors: Mary Nemeth and Scott Stewart will share these two posts Checks for new poetry and fiction submissions. Screens them organizes them as we select or reject them. Sends an email either way to author. (We have standard emails for this process.)
Interview/Review/Non Fiction Editor__________________(position open) See poetry ed. duties except pertaining to CNF.and the featured artists section that we discussed in the meeting. (Senior Thesis pieces and so on.)
Literary Staff:
Art Editor Pallavi Sen
Helps solicit art submissions from CCAD. While I am open to our inclusion of outside literary submissions, I prefer the art come from our students for the time being. An art editor can request pieces be sent in for consideration and will help with emailing selected artists and letting them know that the status of their work. Additionally, the Art Editor can work to decide which art is placed where as the site and the venues for Botticelli grow. (Broadsides, possible chapbooks, etc.)
Art Staff:
Media Assistant: Silver Corbin &______________
Is comfortable with learning some minor website programming and helping ensure that the site is running and/or contacting me to let me know that say, submissions are not getting in, etc. Helps set the site up each issue. (More on what is involved from Mitch: our resident saint and multi-media guru.)
Individual events:
Poetry on Demand: Sitting at a table in Crane for a couple of hours at a time and writing poems on demand for Valentines or decorating completed valentines with artwork, cutting out paper hearts etc.
Reading: Helping Hannah Stephenson with the reading for accepted work. (People will give a reading of their work—optional, of course—to inaugurate the new issues.) The person working here will simply help contact authors and help Hannah get everything ready. Ideally, there will be two of these per year.
Flying Poems: In April, for National Poetry Month. We get helium balloons and we send them away with poems on their strings. Chelsea Free can give you the scoop on how she set this event up the first year.
We are planning a number of new events and ways to make Botticelli visible to the school and nationwide.
1. Mary Nemeth suggested that we do bookmarks with poems from the magazine on them and/or our name and "logo" etc. (Not sure, but Mary can let us know.) In any case, these will be slipped into books in libraries and bookstores and places where books be throughout the city. Additionally, these and any broadsides/keepsakes we make will be available at the Botticelli table in Chicago at Associated Writing Programs Conference (February.)

2. Mary's other idea is slipping my mind just now, but it was good. Help me out, Guys. Or was it this one: We feature seniors and one grad. student per issue. We interview them, have some of their art available in a section. We were thinking maybe three per issue.

3. Austin's idea about having pieces of art inspired by writing and writing inspired by art (the artist's or writer's own work or work that is available to us for that forum, even if only by mention, but sometimes in image).

4. I am drawing a blank but there were some great ideas including Pallavi's suggestions for how to pull more artwork and artists into the magazine and Silver's idea that we do a kind of national poetry swap. I think that bookmarks and broadsides would facilitate this process.

Events by Season or Month:

Fall: Public Reading from New Issue (Hannah Stephenson) Next year: Family Homecoming Weekend or around Halloween. This year will be pushed back to November due to our getting re-started with the new technology, etc.

Winter Poems on Demand (Valentines' Day) I will want Alejandro, Scott Stewart and any other willing staff members at the table. You can write poems or make the Valentines

Flying Poetry (April for National Poetry Month

Spring: Public Reading for New Spring Issue and National Poetry Month. (Hannah Stephenson is willing to organize these.)

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