Monday, May 2, 2011

Update all lit. classes

Poetry of Witness & Survival: We'll be discussing Fellner's book and reading and be starting Sean Thomas Dougherty tomorrow and reaching into Thursday.

Contemporary Literature: I have a medical appointment to attend at noon and will therefore, be giving you a day off. Please be ready to discuss Fellner's work and reading on Thursday.

ALL STUDENTS IN ATTENDANCE OF STEVE FELLNER'S READING: Thank you--even though you know that there was much to be gained by having been there. (As with most of life...)
I noted your attendance and as it was mandatory, it will be very useful for the upcoming grading for the class. Those of you there and perfect with your questions and engagement, made me feel proud (once again, as always) to have you in my classes. Steve remarked several times at the intelligence and poise of our students here.

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