Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Trove of Phrases to Incorporate into your Long Poem

Spider Daisy*Hot Red Pepper*Fall Garden Radichio*Annual Pink Begonia*Parade Confetti Fanfair*Quiet Providence Peach*Atlantic Peach Pink*Early Southern Dawn*Hardy Meadow Cranesbill*Petite Frozen Violet*Picturesque Gray Ocean*Meadow Harebell*Extreme Purple Luxury*Navy Night Horizon* Incredible Navy*Suspicious Finch*Summertime Shasta Daisy*Glass Slipper*Water-Colored Eye*Homemade Custard*Lyrical Lemon Grass*Mellow Mustard Gold*Dijon Dance-Slipper*Party Gown*Kingdom's Brazen Gold*Snakeskin Sandal*Metal Petal Gloss*Forgotten Antique Yellow*Awakened Azalea*Swan Lake Mist*Musical Dress Shoes*Pogo Stick*Pixie Stick*African Safari*Canopy Bedspread*Deepest Tangerine Grove*Orange Mondragon*Rhodendron*Ruby Radish Promise Ring*Outdoor Wedding*Brass Band*Fresh Topic Orange*Sugared Melon Crush*Soft Splendid Peach*Garden Light Peach*Mellow Modest Peach*Cloud Formation*Frozen Praline*Essence of Blue*Baby Nubuck*Bluebell Garden*Natural Sundance*Lost at Sea*Blue Raspberry Icee*Fall Harvest Spice*Coriander Weather*Collander*Sorrel*Candied Sweet Potato*Cherished Blue Diamond*Rhinestone Eternity Ring*Crushed Sapphire*Vintage Copper Classic*Limitless Cosmos Blue*Eastern Kimberly Cedar*Deep Heliotrope*Silk Parachute*Trellis Dark Ivy*Courtyard Ground Cover*Emerald Clover*Pine Forest Shade*Satin Hammock*Ravine Rock Moss*Laurel Delancy Green*Lana Turner's Pout*Reflecting Windowpane*MacKenzie Green Ash*See-through Sycamore*Young Budding Green*Western Wild Asparagus*Spring Green Twig*New Palmetto Leaf*Sunset Boulevard*Coney Island Pie-Moon*Greenhouse Basil*Ravenna Olive Grove*Amazing Amazon*Wild Violet Pansy*Nepal Eggplant*Old Thimbleberry Blossom*Thumbelina Bloom*Soft Visibly Violet*Bouquet of Violence*Bruised Knees*Faded Pale Amethyst*Prussian Pasque Flower*Sundrenched White Plum*Light China Aster*Orchid Italina Aster*Dinosaur Kale*Pink & Pretty Petunia*Tunafish Sunrise*Wild Berry Purple*Salmon Spider Lily*Whitest White*Holiday Cozumel Aqua*Secret Locket*Frozen Ice Crystal*Love Bite*Bitter Boy*Garden Urn*Trusted True Blue*Bitter Sour Apple*Brittle Bones*Country Fog*Flaming Red Hot*Ebony Stone Black*Gray Granite*Bermuda Blue*Japanese Windflower*Carnival Harlequin*Holiday Cozumel Aqua*Prickly Pear Green*Bermuda Blue*Deep Heliotrope*Field Day*Seafaring Teal*Charm Bracelet*

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