Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"LEAPFROG FIVE:" Five Similes or Metaphors about Five Images

Choose five of the following images and from each, spin off five metaphors or similes:
Example: Cloud(s) are (like) cottonballs, sheep, water, cars, pistols...

Some images you might use: lily, spire, moon, star, sun, fish, hair, eyelash, bruise, bicycle, corduroy, fingernail, grapes, crevice, wood/grain, daffodil, spike, hoods...

Start with the first comparison you can and move into more and more strange imagery from there.

After you write five comparisons for five images, incorporate them into a new scene (for a new story or an existing story).

If you would like, use one of the following prompts or trigger statements to get you going:

1. If it hadn't been for_____________

2. The sky said as much on______________

3. (We, You, I, Matilda, etc.) rode out to________ (looking for, listening to, tasting or smelling) ____________________

For more opening lines, you can use any lines from the poem on the Tupelo Poetry Project. (Google this phrase as I am having difficulty with the link on this Mac.)

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