Friday, July 2, 2010

Writing Poetry Homework for Friday 07/16 & Monday 07/19

Reading Assignment: Read the following poems at least three times through. Be ready to discuss them. (Yes, quiz-ready.)

The Poet
Poetry by Pablo Neruda

Several Things by Martha Collins

Why I am not a Painter
My Heartby Frank O'Hara

Dear Reader by James Tate

Eating Poetry by Mark Strand

An Obsessive Combination... by Anne Sexton

The Writer by Richard Wilbur

Poetry by Marianne Moore
What does Marianne Moore mean when she says "I, too, dislike it" Be ready to discuss why she takes the pains to write a poem about not liking poetry. What makes a good poem and what makes poetry somewhat unlikeable to some.

Poem as a _____

Select from the following: Poem as a Machine, Poem as a Machete, Poem as an All-Purpose Cleanser, Poem as a Gyroscope, Poem as a Garden, Poem as a City, Poem as a Glass Cleaner, Poem as a New Math, Poem as a Recipe, Poem as a Guide for Installing Car Stereo Speakers, Poem as a Colorwheel, Poem as an Imaginary Travel Guide.

And write a poem, ten line minimum.
have it ready for class a week from Wednesday. (07/21)

Note: The poem is due, typed, with copies for everyone in class (including me)at the beginning of class on Wednesday 07/14. There will be one more assignment posted as your Monday homework (07/19). That assignment will also be due on Wednesday the 21st at the beginning of class.

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  1. If a link doesn't work for some reason, a search with the title or author should easily yield these selections.