Monday, July 12, 2010

Homework Assignment 07/12 DUE with COPIES on Wednesday 07/14

Write a poem of twelve lines or more that employs
1. enjambment
2. off or slant rhyme
3. internal rhyme
4. alliteration
5. assonance
6. consonance

at least once (though more uses are fine) throughout the poem.

Write a poem that uses a place, city, town, house, etc. that has secrets (or one) that the speaker of the poem knows.


Downstream from where I washed my sister's
dress in the current, floated a body.
I had been there all day and it told
nothing to the rocks that shimmered
beneath its lips, and nothing to the sunlight
that danced its coded bleeps of glitter
borrowed from my patch of river
and moved along to the song
of dead girls and living girls
and the open rose of summer's beginning
as well as its close.

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