Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Using any element* of the objects you were given and beginning with one of these lines (though you can start with your own beginning instead, if you'd prefer) write a poem of ten lines or more.

The elements* of the objects can be anything from what they resemble in more "real" terms, to just a part of them: color or shape or taste or the concept behind them, the scene in which you might originally find them.

If there hadn't been _____________ we could recall____________

We asked of the _________ only this:

If the stars had asked us, we would have said


  1. If the stars had asked us,
    we would have said your tines
    are sugar crystals that melt
    on the tongue of angels.

    By angels I meant an Italian
    artist's dream of skin of opals
    and cheeks like the pouches
    of treasure we draw up with cord
    and hang close to our bodies.

    I never meant the Blue Angels,
    the clear, cloudless afternoon
    and the gamble of Pensacola,1958
    that deadly afternoon
    when a man whose name
    reminds me of both glass
    and glow and the empty house
    he crashed into.

    It isn't quartz to the eye,
    the intricate designs made by
    the flight he never made.
    The emblem and his name
    Glasgow, bent metal off
    the Zippo inside the bent
    metal of plane, piloted
    by the man, one shiny blue
    marble's remove away.

  2. IF you're curious about the biographical/historical details:,2933,504072,00.html