Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Writing Assignment

Put a character into a setting where s/he is preparing for an activity, an event, a celebration--in any event, a gathering that includes one or more characters or anticipated settings (stations of memory/nostalgia) that hold a friction or tension within them.

Do not blatantly name the tension or remembered conflict/loss/incident, instead hint at it through the activity and details of the activity that the character is engaging in in preparation.

Optional words or details you might include:
slotted spoon, gin rummy, avocado, bookmark, papyrus, the color of any sky in any weather, a kind of cloud, clowns, a harp, harpsichord or harmonica, a hairstyle, chia pet, a kind of beauty/grooming product, any spice or seasoning, an automotive part.

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  1. M-W, this can serve as a homework piece and one to generate more text toward your final.
    Chelsea, I thought of you and your request for more inspiration, prompts, etc. Email any time and I'll provide more.