Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Creative Writing Assignment Word Bank

Remember, in addition to this assignment, you are reading Amy Hempel's story (link below) and are prepared to discuss it on Thursday. (Friday class, you will do the writing exercise and we'll discuss Hempel on Wednesday of next week.)


W-F: vicarious, akimbo, reticent, lavish, plethora, Contusion, Pluck, Philander,asundry, Cocktail, intoxication, silhouette, fusion

Prestidigitation Eulogia Genteel Necrosis Jugulation Torsion Corporal Angioplasty
Consumption Catharsis Azure Yawp Gossamer Merkin

1. Were it not for__________, might have ______________

2. There are no absolutes in _________, except for __________ and _____________.

3. Every good____________ relies on ____________________

4. Rounding the corner of _________ and ___________

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