Friday, November 20, 2009

Dream House Assignment

A paragraph per room.
Each room should contain one thing that is out of the ordinary.
Ex: We kept the flowerbox in the laundry room and the linen closet in the kitchen.

One paragraph minimum should contain an odd p-o-v choice--the family pet, a houseplant, the mailbox, whatever.
Ex: There were only six of them and they wandered my halls like crooks. The smallest of them wore jumpsuits, made messes and noise. The largest of them brought out the arthritis in my floor-boards.

Use at least one type of fabric, one intrusion, (whatever that means to you), one happy accident, and one form of correspondence.

The piece should be no longer than 500 words total.

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  1. This piece can serve as homework or new material for Tues. Thurs. class.