Monday, May 13, 2013

Writing Fiction

Welcome!  What a fun first class. Can't wait to see more from all of you.  Remember we have a 9:15 start time tomorrow and that your cards should work to get you into the building.

First day assignment. Composite character sketch from the following information:

1. Who is this person?  Give one of his/her names and its origin
 2. Describe the character’s eyes and hair.
3. Where was the character born? How far does s/he live from that place now?
4. How many siblings?
5. Favorite ice cream
6. Pet/s and names.
7. Does this person have any allergies?
8. What moves this person to tears?
9. What leaves him/her cold?
10.  How does this person feel about children?
11. What does your character see when looking upon this Rorschach blot?

(start off with name/nickname and origin again)
12. Name one thing that scares your character.
13. What is his or her favorite food?
14. What does she or hate to eat?
15. Which language or languages does s/he speak?
16. Mode of transportation.
17. Favorite music and why?
18. One physical oddity.
19. On a desert island, if only one “extra” might be packed, what would your character bring?
20. Name something that s/he has given away or thrown out and regretted doing so.
21. What does your character see in this blot?

For tonight's homework: type up the characters' sketches and add, fill-in or even subtract a bit from them.   Create two characters that you are able place in a scene together.

Then, write a scene (minimum two pages or 400 words) and find a way to subtly bring in those details.  Where would they be? What is their destination?

Bring all three things typed and ready for discussion on Tuesday.  (Generally, I have you bring in copies for the whole class--ten copies, if you include me). We won't do that until we are workshopping, so just one typed and edited copy of each will be fine.

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