Thursday, May 23, 2013

Final Days Update :-(

This has been a great couple of weeks! Thanks for being so dedicated.

Today/Thursday will be our writing marathon.

Friday: Your final five pages are due. Typed, copied for a last workshop and I have some things to teach regarding publishing.

We'll discuss this in class but in case you see this before and want to think about it: what about we select five or so pages for a workshop? Choose something that you really like or that you feel the class would enjoy seeing how it turned-out, say, a completed version of a work-in-progress. Or just pick your favorite pages of writing from the week, even if disconnected. Your prettiest, strangest, wildest or just your most unique work that might not have happened without one of the marathon-sections really pushing you.

Then, if you would like, you can turn in your fifteen pages by Monday before 5 p.m. through email.

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