Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ekphrasis Update

Hey Gang,  I was right, all of this was posted, but it was posted on GO Studio. (I told you after I uploaded it, but if it's not here on OUR blog, it seems unfair.)  Equally unfair would be to have you read a whole book during the busiest part of your semester. This plan works better, I think.
Also, some of you are being much more diligent students than others. Please don't mistake my kindness and real affection for the class with lenience or unfairness to your peers who are working very hard and are prompt and present and on time. Leave me with a good impression.

Anyway, here we are, complete with our reading assignments, until the end. 

Week Eleven
T Completion of Red Shoes. Presentation of Cornell Boxes, writing assignment.
H  Cornell boxes/shrines completed
Writing Assignment: Write a letter-form response to one of the boxes that is not yours. Use interesting literary moves like metaphors, similes, alliteration, serious imagery, etc. Lots of sensory detail so that it is more like a piece of literature than an informative letter. This letter should be from either your imaginary artist to the piece or the artist that you are writing to or it can be from "you" if using your artist proves too many layers of difficulty. This will be due on Thursday of next week. (Along with bringing your books to class

Week Twelve
April 1-April 5
T  Discussion
Homework: look through the upcoming essays and make a note of some that interest you. Thursday will be spent in group work deciding which ones we should read as homework and which your groups will present in ten minute presentations (artwork can be shown, other things can be brought in.)  If you like an essay/artist, be ready to advocate for it in your groups. By class end, we’ll be assigned homework by you and that will be our reading for Tuesday and Thursday of next week.
Homework: Presentation essay readings from Poets and Painters.  On the day of your presentation, EACH group member needs to bring in a short explanation that includes:  The name of the essay that your group covered. Names of each member of your group. An honest description of the division of labor within your groups. I will not tell anyone what is said on these sheets but need to know if equal labor occurred in order to be fair in my grading. PLEASE DO NOT NEGLECT TO DO THESE AND BRING THEM IN TO BE TURNED IN TO ME AFTER YOUR PRESENTATION.

Make sure you read all of the essays assigned to you from the other groups. 

Week Thirteen
April 8-12
H   “    “     “
 Homework: Come up with a way that you will spread some poetry over campus. We'll discuss these on Tuesday and Thursday will be spent outside and in various buildings, etc. doing just that. 
Week Fourteen
April 15-19
T   Guerilla Poetry and Art

Week Fifteen
April 22-26
T  Movie and "Scores" Project coming up. 

Week Sixteen
April 29-May 3
T   TBA (possible “Scores” project)

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