Tuesday, March 26, 2013


 Tuesday 03.25 Week Eleven: 

March 25-March 29
T  Beginning the Beats discussion
H  Beats discussion continued
Homework (TO BE TURNED IN, TYPED, ON TIME) on Thursday of next week.In addition to the poem/prose piece, please write a 200 word minimum note with it that discusses what type of poem it is and which techniques from the Beat poets inform your poem.

And your READING (to be discussed on Tuesday and Thursday of the following week).
The New York School of Poetry 2639-2650  All of O’Hara and Ashbery including the biographical portion at the beginning.

Week Twelve
April 1-April 5
T Discussion New York School.
H    Continued NY school discussion.  Also, your Rant or “Howl” is due and DON'T FORGET THE 200 word note to go with it. I will not accept them separately this time.   
Reading assignment:  Chapter 19 from The Autobiography of Malcom X, p. 2628, Letter from a Birmingham Jail by MLK and The Shawl by Cynthia Ozick

Week Thirteen
April 8-12
T  King, Ozick, X discussion
H     “  “   “continued.
Homework:    Choose ONE of the following assignments.   This will be due on Tuesday of next week.
Option A: Write a letter back from the present to moment to one of these figures.   It must be a minimum of 350 words and should be typed, proofread and edited.

Option B: Compare and contrast the writings of MLK and Malcolm X. What kinds of techniques do they use? What differs or is similar in literary style?  This is your chance to show off some of those literary terms you’ve learned, too.   Again, this must be typed, proofread, edited and at least 350 words.
Reading Homework:  All of the Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath selections and biographical materials in the book. 2833-2846.  Additionally,  Robert Lowell 2505-2511  Be prepared to discuss the idea of the confessional and how it operates in their work. 
Week Fourteen
April 15-19
T MLK/Malcolm X assignment due.   Beginning discussion on the Confessionalist Poets.
H  Confessionalism continued.
Homework:  Please make sure that you have designed your pill bottles and have them ready to be returned to class for our poetry pharmacy event.
Week Fifteen
April 22-26
H   TBA 
Homework: Using any form of art that you would like, create a  response or reply to one or more of the works by The Confessionalist writers that we’ve been studying.

Week Sixteen
April 29-May 3
T   Ekphrastic/Artistic Response to The Confessionalists due.
H Last Day of Class! Enjoy your summer.

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