Monday, February 18, 2013

Ekphrasis: Your syllabus updated

Hey Gang,  I updated your class dates just to save you confusion. This is a courtesy. You should be following your syllabus and keeping up with all reading and written assignments.

Week Five
February 11-15
T Discussion of book pieces.
Homework:  Consider your imaginary artist’s body of work and write a 200 word review of a piece or a show. IF your artist is not famous or showing work, consider something less formal like a note from another artist or a self-critique in the fashion of Van Gogh’s letters to his brother.  We won’t deal with these until a week from today, so you have time.

H  Turn in 1. “Wikipedia page.”  2. Ode. 3. Postcard.

Valentines on Demand. We’ll work from the Crane Center.  The cafe area. More details to follow.
Homework: Select  two poems from each of the sections up to Photography and be ready to discuss how they work and what you liked or disliked about them. You can choose something for how much you admire it or how flawed you find it. Either can be an interesting conversation.  ( 2 EACH from Sculpture Garden, Artistry, Architecture, Photography.)    For next week, look over the work of Joseph Cornell
and make sure you read this review of Charles Simic’s book of poems based on the boxes (Dimestore Alchemy)

Consider how his boxes operate in terms of ekphrastic properties, as well as how they tell or hold story. Considering that work, begin gathering small objects that will be meaningful to your artist.  What would a Cornell box as a shrine to your imaginary artist look like? Start scouring the world for things that would hold significance to him/her.

Week Six
February 18-22
T   Simic Discussion. Imaginary Artist Shrine Assignment announced. Due  March 18th

H: Discussion of your reviews in class (see last Tuesday for homework details for this assignment.)  Homework: Selected pieces from the final three sections of the book. 

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