Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I am going to give you an extension on the elegy until Tuesday and will explain the assignment further in class. There are two reasons for this:
1. I have been receiving emails that lead to feel less than confident that you understand it well enough to be able to fully explore the topic and write the best possible poem for this assignment.

2. I am adding a small component to the assignment:  I would like you to write an 100-200 word analysis of your poem by discussing what the elegiac properties were that you employed and how you might have deviated or disregarded certain elements. You might also discuss which elegies you feel helped you to write yours. What kinds of things do you notice in those poems and what did you work into your poem?  You can discuss formal or literary strategies, whatever you feel would illuminate the reading.

Here are some more places to look over the elegy:
Also, read:
Elegy for my Father, Who is Not Dead by Mark Strand
Elegy by Anne Stevenson
The Lost Pilot by James Tate
Mad Lib Elegy by Ben Lerner
Elegy by Pierre Mortary
Elegy by Daisy Fried
Elegy for a Chimneysweep Falling Inside It by Larry Levis
Elegy on a Toy Piano by Dean Young
Elegy by Lyn Heijinian
Psychoanalysis: an Elegy by Jack Spicer
Elegy with Surrealist Proverb as Refrain by Dana Gioia

Week Seven

February 25-March 1

T Turn in elegies. Discuss Welty.
Homework: Sharon Olds' reading selections
H Sharon Olds discussion. (READING TONIGHT) Gallery/Museum Imaginary Artist Journal Assignment. Postponed to next Thursday (in class)

Week Eight
March 4-March 8

T SAR (no class)
H: Roll Taken (RA will be here with the roll, if not, I am asking one of you to  please pass a sheet around and drop it off HERE IN KINNEY AT THE LA office in my box.) Video.

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