Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gallery of the Timeless

Review of The Heaven Rain by Pandora Devil

It is the water rainbow pouring down to the moral world. The smell of the sacred aroma from scarce herbs washing off the angle’s tears into glittering pearls.
From the tender beam of translucent moonlight, the goddess was penned up in the crystal garden. Grass in purple was abused by the hungry snow leopard hunting behind the red shrubs. All lives that touch the earth, touch our soul as they always have, except, we are too blind to see and too deaf to hear the spirit of the voice from the mother land. The lonesome ocean greets the clouds with a moan, that is, her singing of goodbye to the unmoved wind.

Fly away, don’t stay
There is no song here they would play
The fallen leaf yearned for the starving homeless child with its sway
Wait! Wait!
The stubborn swing is begging the dandelion to sent his one last pray
Just believe, it will be ok
Flames in the dark would no need to be afraid

“The Heaven Rain” portrays a teared world where ancestors once lived in was missing love. The over saturated red shouts out loud for the madness of the sea. To reveal an inconvenient truth of life, the faded green in this painting was telling a story that no one dare to admit their guilt, their guilt of losing dreams. The wilted yellow silk depicts a distant glory that all warriors sacrificed themselves for. The dramatic brush strokes depress the viewers in a sense of loneliness. Yet, far in the sky, to your amazement, the bright cheerful stars are just smiling to you.

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