Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Just a reminder about your Cornell boxes and poems. If you haven't sent them to me, please do so.

Also, your class did a beautiful job on those projects and I was very pleased. I do want to say that your grades rely on doing the work (which is not excessive) that you are asked to do. I was, frankly, surprised at the lack of books and/or completion of the reading today. It is noted and it will affect your grades. That's only fair to those who are prepared.

As for the letter assignment, it is a warm-up for your larger, final project. It is also a mandatory assignment. I had hoped everyone would be prepared to share their letters and then mail them off. Towards that, I would like everyone to bring in their letter in an e envelope and turn those in to me on Thursday. As you lucked-out this time and it appears the site will not be exchanging any more letters (they filled up) we will do the exchange amongst ourselves. This means you can do a postcard or a letter version of the piece. I thought the assignment would be a fun way to engage with poetry month while also giving you a weekly assignment. I don't think our class has been more work than it should be and I have tried to make the work interesting and fun for you. I was a little disappointed that the simple act of reading and writing a letter to actually be mailed (and to allow you to receive another letter from another writer/artist) was met with resistance. Anyway, we'll adjust accordingly and maybe have time to even reply to our letters from our own artist's perspective.

Your class is always a joy to teach and I feel it only fair to tell you that good work is being rewarded and that slacking too, will not serve you well. Thanks.

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