Thursday, March 29, 2012

Syllabus Update for Honors Ekphrasis Class


Week Ten: 03/27-29
T: Discussion of process for Cornell projects. Revisiting our imaginary artists. Add or alter three aspects of their bios. Get ready to work with them more.

H: Cornell boxes due and to be presented.
Homework: From the perspective of your imagined artist, write a letter for The Note Swap project:
Make sure to follow their guidelines.
Homework: Read all of Inflorescence. Be ready to discuss it by next week.
Week Ten: 04/03-05
T: Discussion of Sarah Hannah
H: Continued.
Homework: Come up with some way to use Hannah’s work to celebrate national poetry month. We can brainstorm various ideas in class.
Work on group project: The Puberty Doll. Consider what political and social statements your project might encounter. How to make use of these. Be ready to talk about that as a group.
Read this article and we’ll discuss the photograph and language as photograph. How does it stop time? How does it record the nothing that is not there and nothing that is. (in the words of Wallace Stevens.)

Week Eleven: 04/10-12
T: Discussion of Meitner and the way pictures operate with text and time.
H: Group Work on Film/Video Piece
Homework: after receiving your one line for the Poetry Scores project, begin to construct your piece of art for it. These will be due April 24
Cezanne’s Carrot, Essay: Calm Things
Poetry month projects/Honors Symposium

Week Thirteen 4/17 4/19

T: Discussion Cezanne
H: Imaginary Artist Wikipedia page due
In class: Go to SEVERAL places on campus where there is artwork displayed and find:
1. A piece that is a work of ekphrasis in some way. Bring a title and description back to class to explain why.
2. A piece that has been influenced in some way by your imaginary artist. Get its title and description and tell us why or how. (You can incorporate this information into a later version of the wikipedia page to be displayed with your piece for the Honors show.) I understand that you will be making up the influence, but I am asking you to imagine that the work of this person has a certain voice, style, tone, themes, colors, shapes, etc. and that you can extrapolate from that to see how a piece could seem "influenced" by yours. )

Homework: Reading from Poets and Painters to be assigned in class or later today.
Week Fourteen 4/24 4/26
T: Presentation of Poetry Score Project
Week Fifteen 5/1- 5/3
H: Final Project Presentations

Week Sixteen
5/8- 5/10 TBA (likely a film)

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