Monday, March 12, 2012

Adv. Creative Writing Workshop Schedule--UPDATED

This week: February 27
Workshop: M. Nemeth, the Mikes
Distribution: D. Law,
C. Cimoroni, L. Sah, E. Vest

Week of March 5
Workshop: Law, Cimoroni, Sah, Vest
Distribution : S. Diesel, A. Lake

Week of March 12
Workshop: Diesel, Lake
Distribution:A. McCulloch, P. Gaither, C. McDonnell

Plus, read all of the remaining pages of Making Shapely Fiction and be ready to discuss them. AND don't forget the new policy on workshops: you must write a 250 word minimum "letter" to the author of the piece. Authors: please email me a roll sheet after your own workshop and let me know how many stories came back, which people wrote the letters and how useful or plentiful were the comments. Remember that your grade is contingent upon your work as an editor as well as a writer.

Homework: Regardless of your workshop status, please do one page each of the following:
1. Choose three chapters from your book (Stern) and write a minimum of one page for EACH of brand new writing that employs the main advice from each chapter.

Week of March 19--SPRING BREAK
March 26
Workshop: McCulloch, Gaither, McDonnell
Homework: Intro to Poetry. Reading:

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