Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Poetries of W & S and Contemp. Lit.

Week of 02/15
T 02/15
Discussion Armenian Genocide. Homework: Reading 95-145 Revolu
tion & Repression in the Soviet Union
(We will be discussing this next week, and since you have a writing assignment due on Tuesday, too. I wanted to give you time. The bulk of this reading is indiv. poems so the pages are not so bad as they seem.)

H 02/17
Discussion WWI section (61-93 in Against Forgetting).
Homework: The writing assignment due on Thursday and all of the material in the Soviet section (see above).

Writing assignment: 02/22 For Thursday of next week, be prepared to turn in a piece that covers some facet (a figure, a piece of writing, an artwork,) from one of the areas we have covered and write a creative response to it.
It can be an imaginary letter, a poem, a short story, a scene as from a play, or a dramatic monologue (see Robert Browning's My Last Duchess for a great example, or Girl by Jamaica Kinkaid--both very easily found online). If the chosen assignment is a poem, it must be twenty-lines or more. If you want to get fancy or visual, you can do something like the stuff we saw in Born magazine. (Eliot Wilson's Blank Verse for the Man we Threw from the Sky.) If you have an idea that you find engaging, run it by me. This will be due at the beginning of class on Tuesday 02/22

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