Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Interesting Trivia about Our WWI-ers

Writers Who Were Ambulance Drivers in WWI

•Ernest Hemingway
•John Dos Passos
•E.E. Cummings
•Somerset Maugham
•John Masefield
•Malcolm Cowley
•Sidney Howard
•Robert Service
•Louis Bromfield
•Harry Crosby
•Julian Green
•Dashiell Hammett
•William Seabrook
•Robert Hillyer
•John Howard Lawson
•William Slater Brown
•Charles Nordhoff
•Sir Hugh Walpole
•Desmond MacCarthy
•Russell Davenport
•Edward Weeks
•C. Leroy Baldridge
•Samuel Chamberlain
Related Occupation
•Gertrude Stein, visited hospitals and drove for American Fund for French Wounded)
•Marjory Stoneman Douglas, worked at American Red Cross headquarters in Paris because she was in love with an ambulance driver
•E.M. Forster, interviewed wounded in Egyptian hospitals
•Dorothea Francis Canfield Fisher, made home in France for husband while he was ambulance driver
•Archibald Cronin, doctor
•Edmund Wilson, stretcher bearer
•Anne Green, nurse

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