Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Poetry Workshop

W 12/01 Bring in the imitations with copies enough for all. Read all of Don Bogen's book for discussion after workshop. Our workshop will be leaner (less me-speak) and we'll try to get through in one class or just over. Your final assignments will be two significant rewrites and an imitation of some aspect of Don Bogen's work. Those will be due on the last day of class UNLESS we have time for one more workshop, and then you'll be able to share them.

F 12/03 Workshop and/or An Algebra discussion.

W 12/08 An Algebra discussion
F 12/10 Workshop
W Turn in final packets: Two significant revisions & Bogen Imitation. (If we moved quickly enough, the Bogen imitation will have been workshopped and you will get to provide it as a third revision instead of first draft.)

F 12/17 YOUR HOLIDAY HAS BEGUN! HAVE A WONDERFUL BREAK & THANKS--You've been great to work with.

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