Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Contemporary Literature

T 11/09/10 Watch Robert Lowell video, complete Confessionalist Movement.

Next stop: New York, School, that is. Read the essay about the school (hot-linked over the words NY School)
and this essay on Frank O'Hara as a Poet Among Paintersand this one on

Frank O'Hara

I would like for you to read all of the O'Hara poems, as well.

In anticipation of our ekphrastic assignment, please read this piece on Ekphrasis. Keep in mind that we are going to go about "ekphrasis" in a kind of reversal. You are going to be able to use poetry or literature to inspire art.

This assignment will be due the Thursday before the Thanksgiving holiday (November 18th) You will be presenting whatever your response is to ANY of the authors we've studied or any that you get approval from me to use.

H 11/11 Discussion of New York School
Homework all of Kenneth Koch's poems on this site and the biographical bit, too.

T 11/16 Continued New York School, Kenneth Koch,

H 11/18 Ekphrastic assignment presentations.

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