Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I think you need another weekend. I would like to see these projects be really good and thoughtful.

Reviewing for each class:


Prompt for yawps:

Manifesto Requesting that...
Rant Against/For

Or you can choose to ekphrastically respond by using painting, drawing, music, poetry, sculpture, etc. inspired by a piece of literature. If this is a public response--say leaving a canvas at a bus stop or decorating a tree, you must find a way to document it for the day of your presentation.

I would like all yawps sent along to Emma Bolden's site (The Yawp). Let her know your name, contact info and that you are a student of CCAD.


Any of the above or simply send in your manifesto and let me know that you did.

Otherwise, our next assignment will be ekphrastic and you can double-up or do something new for it. (Per our class discussion.)

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